Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sept 29th Special - Khao Pad Grapow Kai Dao - ผัดกระเพราไข่เยี่ยวม้า

This is a Thai favorite, found on every menu and every street corner in the country...To really enjoy this dish it needs the CHILLI!  Savory, spicy, and redolent of garlic and basil, it’s not like the chicken really needs any help, but what really sets this dish off for me is the fried egg on top. Sunny-side-up and yolk still runny, the egg adds just a touch of velvety richness to this humble weeknight meal. On a pile of hot jasmine rice, this basil chicken is heaven on a plate.  You can order this or anything from the Take Away Menu...Call Pipon on 77495249!!!

Pad Grapow Kai Dao (Forgiener Style)

Pad Grapow w/ 'Pink Egg' (Thai Style)

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